Featured work

Some of the applications we've built.

ChatGPT Tool
ChatGPT iOS Shortcuts Logo

ChatGPT iOS Shortcuts

Use ChatGPT on your iPhone. Voice, text, and image interaction with ChatGPT with chat history.

ChatGPT Plug-in
MoneyAI Logo


Talk to your bank account with ChatGPT. Like a 24/7 financial advisor.

ChatGPT Plug-in
CabarnAI Logo


Your AI Sommelier. CabarnAI is a ChatGPT plug-in which enables you to find the perfect wine for any occasion.

ChatGPT Plug-in
NotationsAI Logo


Intelligent tax research. Helping CPAs search, summarize, and understand complex tax law.

Web Application
Promptmux Logo


A website for managing and experimenting with LLM prompts and inference configurations.